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analog 5.1 switcher?

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looking for an inexpensive 5.1 anolag switcher. can anyone steer me in the right direction?
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There's an inexpensive Philips that has been mentioned on AVS several times but I have no personal experience with it. I use the Zektor switchers which work beautifully.
Ive googled "5.1 analog switcher" along with a few other variations and cant seem to find what I'm looking for. i have also looked through some audio sites that have switchers even sponsors of this site, none say "analog inputs". what exactly am i looking for? a component switcher wont double as a analog will it?

i will have both hd-dvd and a bd player both have analog 5.1 outputs, which i need to use for the new audio formats as my Yamaha rxv-2400 receiver does not have hdmi, and only 1 set of 5.1 analog inputs.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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