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I've got a problem with my Samsung DLP RP-HDTV in that my analog inputs (composite, s-video, and coax) are hosed (image has diagonal lines across it regardless of the source, cable, or analog input used) and the repair folks with Samsung's technical support help can't fix the problem (already replaced the video board, the whole light engine assembly, and the analog board). We've given up trying to milk anything else new out of the warranty company for this repair so we've decided to live with it. Our component (480i & HD) inputs and DVI input work fine (good as new with the whole new light engine).

The problem that creates is that I have video inputs that are only in analog form (i.e., composite, s-video, or coax) and I can't view them (w/o the multitude of diagonal lines that is) on this TV now or in the future. So what I'm looking for is a converter/adapter that will take a composite and/or s-video and/or RF input and give me a component (480i) output that I can connect to the component in ports that work on this TV.

So far, the only thing I've found is quite pricey, so I'm hoping one of you can give me tip toward a cheaper alternative. This is the only unit I've found so far:


Thanks in advance.
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