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Anamorphic Lens for Sale $200

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This is an anamorphic lens that was originally designed to be used in film projectors and has been converted to be used in home theater. As you can see from the pictures (more will be posted) the CA is very low, unable to be captured via camera with test patterns. These prisms contain five lens elements. I bought these years ago from another member on the forum. I have recently moved to a new house and do not have as much throw range now and I physically do not have space for the lens where the projector is mounted. Therefore, I need to get rid of it.

The lens come from a commerical lens setup for commercial film anamorphic lens called Varamorph. You can see the post of the creator of the housing here.

Some more details about the lens: the lens is very sharp, although I must admit that I have never had a ISCO III lens and doubt that it is as sharp as that. I have taken close ups of the edge of the screen to give you an idea of its performance. Also, there is about a 125k red color temperature shift that the lens applies to the image. To correct for this, I had two different grayscale calibrations to compensate, although given how slight the shift is, you may not even fool with it. I never noticed ghosting on credit scrolls or other such problematic cases. The lens surfaces have a slight anti reflective coating but you may look into apply a more extreme coating if you're particularly worried about ghosting and inter reflections. The housing is semi sealed in order to help with dust although the initial entry and exit points will need to be periodically cleaned. A sled is not included but it is easy to make out of drawer slides.

Price: $200 + shipping
Location: 77025

I'm happy to answer any other questions and provide more pictures.


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