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Anamorphic Lenses

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I have a Vidikron Helios DLP Projector, and i was wondering if anyone knows if there is an Anamorphic Lens that i could buy to take advantage of 16:9 ratio on DVDs?

If there is not a specific one for this projector, are there "generic" ones that fit onto specific lens sizes?

Also where can i look to research this topic.

Thank You

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Boy did you come to the right place.

Two options are the ISCO lens and the Panamorph.

The ISCO is a anamorphic lens that expands the image

horizontally. See:
http://www.isooptic.de/english.html http://www.iscousa.com/

The Panamorph is a prism that compresses vertically.

It is just starting production at Cygnus Imaging.

Either technique will change an anamorphic 4:3 to 16:9.

The members of this forum have been involved in, and have

discussed the Panamorph quite extensively. Do a search

on "Panamorph" in this forum to finds loads of info.


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Wow they look great, but man are they expensive. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/frown.gif

Which of the two is the better performer?

Oh well i guess i just got shafted by the guy that sold me my projector.



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There will be many posts in the coming weeks about the performance of the Panamorph. I believe that member Tommyboy2 will be doing a very in depth comparison of both lenses around the time he receives his Panamorph (he has an ISCO II). Soon...


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