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anamorphic/letterboxed recorders

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my toshiba dr2 will record proper anamorphic/letterboxed widescreen -r dvds from other dvd players, and at least my sa8000hd dvr thru s vid, both putting out a 'squished' widescreen image into the recorder. Anyone know of other dvd recorders that do anamorphic/letterboxing to dvd-r better than dr2s or even at all??

Also have pan es15, its really great on lp but will only do anamorphic or letterboxing w/s or 4/3. i watch all these discs thru a pan s77 into a pan ptl500u projector so dvd rec pq is a must.
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So your are recording to the Toshiba via S-video from another DVD player that is set for 16x9 output. Pioneer recorders also should automatically recognize and properly flag that anamorphic video input. For instance mine does that when doing one-touch copying from DVD to HDD.
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