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And I thought I knew home theater 3D...

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I have been into home theater 3D ever since anaglyph 3D and field-sequential 3D have been available. I got into Blu-ray 3D in 2010. I have a custom-built HTPC that does Blu-ray 3D as well as an OPPO 3D Blu-ray player. I had a 720P 3D DLP front projector until recently. I now have a 1080P 3D DLP front projector and a Mitsubishi DLP rear-projector. I currently have 87 3D Blu-rays, and I'll be ordering at least three more within the next week. (I bet you can guess one of them.) In short, I love home theater 3D. And I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on the subject, having contributed a number of posts to this and other 3D boards.

A question about home theater 3D recently occurred to me to which I have no answer.

Why are (in at least some brands such as the Optoma ZF2100 RF glasses I use) the lenses of ACTIVE SHUTTER glasses in different colors? While watching a black-and-white 3D Blu-ray, I can easily tell that the left lens has a bluish tint and the right lens has a yellowish tint.

I'm guessing that the reason has to do with minimizing crosstalk. But I don't see how that would work. The displayed left-right images appear to have the same color values when I'm not wearing the glasses. There's obviously nothing going on with respect to any kind of polarization or anaglyph 3D requirement.

I don't get it. Can somebody out there educate me?
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