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I have literally gone bloodshot reading and researching all this, its come down to a few minor (MAJOR!) details... Any input/help would be much appreciated!

"The Situation":

Budget: 600-700$ (Still need the stand and some form of speakers)

Distance: 6-9 ft.

Lighting: Bright daylight to lowered overhead lighting/nighttime

USES: Movies/HD Programming, Gaming, and Planet Earth/Life/Anything involving Zebras and Lions n the like.

Size: I'm going with the 40" although I know it's a little smaller for my distance but I'm on a tight budget and can't justify the 800+ for the 'diagonal' 7 inches. Honestly, I'm not that picky. (...)

Decisions Decisions:

Here's a quick run down of the options, why they're good, and why not...

Toshiba UL605U

Pros: - Price, Lowest of the bunch (w/o warranty, add the SquareTrade and it's right up there with the rest of them)

- LED-LCD (EdgeLit) of the limited reviews I've seen online, seems to be a stellar performer. This replaces the UX600, and I believe fixes alot of issues with the set. Great blacklevels (.08 or something w the UX anyway), really "vibrant" colors n the like...

- Internet built in! It has a wireless dongle, ready to rock!

- Gamemode with 8ms

- Matte screen

Cons: - LED-LCD. I'm really worried about the "flashlighting" and uniformity issues, unfortunately being so new I can't see it in person! How bad are LED compared to the CCFL w this regard? anyone have experience with this specific model or overall?

- Warranty, hesitant about buying it, although it comes with a 45 day return. Don't know how toshiba is customer service wise.

- Toshiba...

Sony EX500

Pros: - Seems to be the good middle of the road option (performance is ok)

- LCD with stellar reviews on here

- No gaming lag or the like

- Matte screen

- Sony. We have a history.

Cons: - Ironically, the most expensive of the bunch when all is said and done.

- No warranty or like, other than Sony (which is usually stellar)

- Not internet ready at all

- Not a whole lot except when you think of the...

Sony HX701

Pros: - Seems to be an awesome performer! Bravia 3 engine.

- Comes with Sammy's warranty

- 240 MHz (Football and gaming? Check!)

- Stellar price for the product (less than the ex500 and w an awesome warranty!)

- Internet ready (Plug in to router, wireless sold sept)

Cons: - Does the 240 MHz really differ?

- Glossy Screen!!

So it boils down to: Is LED that bad? Can Toshiba be trusted? Is the Glossy Screen *that* reflective? Does the 240MHz make a difference and make up for it? I'm stuck between those two options! UL605U or the HX701! HELP!!

The other contenders: LD520, I saw and wasn't too wowed, also I hear the lag will drive you nuts...

Any comments are appreciated!
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