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Angled in-ceiling speakers for side channels in 5.1?

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I am currently at a 3.1 setup and I am considering going to 5.1 How well would angled in-ceiling speakers like these Elacs (angled 30 degrees) do as side channels in a 5.1 setup? I know its not ideal but I do not have great options for my living room layout and I'm considering my options. Would the sound be too localized sounding like its coming from up above? Anyone have experience with doing something like this?
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Many people use angled in-ceiling speakers, both for surrounds and for Atmos channels.
Some ones to consider:
Monoprice Alpha 8" in-ceiling with 15* angled baffle;
Paradigm CI Home H65-A.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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