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Announcement: Elecard HDTV/4

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Hi there All!

I'd like to announce the first public alpha of Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder 1.40 with quarter resolution mode implemented. Download the decoder filter from


New features:

1. Quarter resolution mode suitable for preview applications and watching HDTV on PC

2. Finally all settings could be controlled with a property page - check 'Preview Mode' to enable 1

Known bugs:

1. The quality is rather low. But performance is approx. 1.8x of full resolution mode

2. Turning on 'I frames only' mode works only during playback. In stopped state no frames are displayed.


1. Download the archive and unzip

2. Run 'regsvr32 mpgdec.ax'

3. Run Graphedt.exe (a tool coming with DirectX 8.x SDK, DirectX Media 6.0 SDK, ActiveMovie SDK)

4. Render MPEG stream

5. Open decoder's property page, choose 'Settings' tab, check 'Preview mode'

6. Run and enjoy.

Comments, thanks, flames and suggestions are welcome!

Have fun!

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Thanks, Peter!

I register 10.4 frames/second on preview mode. Celeron 500. Software deinterlacing. Decoding all frames. No sound. That's more like a little over 2x better than full resolution.

Amazing that this thread dropped so far without a response. This board just seems to keep on moving faster each day...
Hey, neat.

I missed this before somehow. I'll go get it now.

- Tom
Dan, where did you get Celly 500??? I've though I'm the only one having such antique! ;-) But my antique is dual head, so I keep it.

10 fps is not bad on such box. Just FYI, Athlon 1.4GHz runs 27-32 depending on video material. High motion and high bitrate runs slower, low motion low bitrate runs faster - as it should be. Same to P-IV 1.7GHz, but recently I've found one ugly Pentium feature hasn't been worked around from decoder's P-IVcode, so there is a way to improve fps in regular mode (+7 fps more in addition to 15 already existing). This has nothing in common with HDTV/4 mode, but anyway.

There is a need to improve quality a bit, and something to do with performance, but no more than +2 fps more on Athlon and P-IV.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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