I am absolutely enthusiastic about this announcement.

Starting this Spring/Summer we will be releasing a video podcast LIVE every Tuesday. The show will be called AVS Forum鈥檚 Tech Talk with <insert Host鈥檚 name here>

The first episode and every other week (every other Tuesday) will be hosted by Scott Wilkinson.

馃帳 drop.

You read that right. This is truly my best day on the job. Scott was the Editor here for a very long time. His Home Theater Geek podcasts were educational and a routine viewing for me. To me he was AVS Forum (no offense Mark).

We will cover everything and want your advice on anything and everything. So please everyone dig deep and make suggestions.

We are also in search of another Host. What?! Yes, I鈥檓 going to put an open shout out to all tech lovers who think they have the chops. Work for some other publication or website? I don鈥檛 care. To me this is about spreading our Gospel (I am an ex-Lutheran atheist turned HT worshipper). So if you get permission on your side feel free to apply.

Did I mention you鈥檒l get a little cheese to spend on future HT upgrades (yes, you鈥檒l get paid as a freelancer not much but not nothing either)? No, well you will.

I also will give out a finder鈥檚 fee for anyone who can find a female host with the chops.