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Announcing Computer controled ReplayTV

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Announcing Xr3 0.1 for Linux


Xr3 is a simple GUI based remote control program to be used while watching a ReplayTV via a Linux based TV card. A RedRat learning remote control is used to communicate to the ReplayTV. The program allows you to control the most frequently used ReplayTV functions, i.e.

Channel Guide - TV Program listings

Replay Guide - Recorded content and custom "Channels"

Replay Zones - Programs index by subject, ...

Trick Features - Quick Skip(30 seconds), Instant Replay(7 secs), Slow Motion, Freeze Frame, Frame Advance

Navigation - Fast Fwd, Rew, Jump, Return to Live

Other - Every thing else but Number Keys(TBD shortly)

all from the comfort of your mouse! The RedRat learning remote control

sends the IR commands via your serial port. The xr3 program uses the rather excellent IR perl script from David Kramer. This perl script can also be driven from the command line, via email or interactively via the web!

Xr3 should run on most Linux systems, I use Red Hat 6.1 . It currently uses the Motif toolkit which is now freely available, and it should also work quite well with LessTif. I plan to quickly do a more substantial version for GNOME/Gtk.

Please visit the Web site at:


for more details.

George MacDonald - [email protected]

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Just posted this on freshmeat -> http://freshmeat.net

a Linux software announcement web site. Jeesh already 89 hits! Hope this doesn't cause a flood of orders :cool: !!!!!!
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