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Hi All,

I love my Dune 3 Base so much that I decided to write a TV indexer for it. It uses thetvdb.com to get the data and will give you an experience similar to MyMovies but for TV. Also, it doesn't require the files to be in their own folders.

To install, just download the .rar and extract to a place of your choice. Please take the time to read the manual - it's basic but concise and should get you going.

To run, just click on 'MyTV.exe'.

Please note that the code should be considered early Beta and is bound to have some bugs. Also, I only really tested on Vista and Windows 7. I did run it once under XP - it basically worked but there were some XML parsing problems. Note you need .net framework 3.5 installed.

Regarding support, I won't be available after tomorrow for a couple of days as I am flying from the UK to Australia. Hopefully, I will have web access down under so I'll try to help when I can.

Have fun.

Here's some (rather bad) screen shots :-

Download from here: http://www.heartfield.co.uk/download...elease 0.1.rar

P.S. I have been told on another forum that a lot of storage devices don't like a folder with a name that starts with a '.'. You will see when you read the manual that I require a folder called '.tvseries'. I did that so it is hidden on the Dune but apparently I could use - or _ . I will change in next revision. It's a bit hard to make a folder that starts with a '.' . You need to do it in a DOS box with mkdir - sorry about that.

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