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samsung 4051D.

I think the HDMI circuitry is blown in some way. Recently I noticed the TV was showing ghost images; a faint but clearly discernible negative image of the last scene, ie: when changing channels on the PVR, in the momentary black screen between channels, the previous channel's image could be seen or, if a running program, the scene changed to one with dark or black portions, the previous scene could be seen in the dark bits. The PQ is also noticeably worse in dark scenes. At first, I thought it was this PVR, but now I see it happening with the DVD player. The TV has two HDMI inputs. Swapping inputs with the two devices made no difference. I have a new cable which I tried; made no difference. The problem does not happen when using the component input; too bad the TV has only one component input. Has anyone ever had this happen? Thanks!

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