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Annoying Interference Problem Solved

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About two weeks ago I noticed that I started getting interference patterns on my 5040 RTV recordings made in my home office. The RTV sits directly under the TV (and the TV is on a TV stand in the armoir).

Also, you could see the same interference while watching TV, and not just a recorded RTV show. The noise was restricted to mainly broadcast type stations. Here, they are 2, 3, 5 and 7 (CBS, FOX, NBC and ABC, respectively). There was some interference on higher up channels, but I didn't really care. I have an analog cable box on this particular TV/RTV.

I unplugged everything from any outlets that were on the same circuit as where my RTV and TV were plugged in. Still, the interference was there. I uplugged the RTV and bingo, the TV cleared up. Plugged the RTV back in, the noise came back. Another TV off of a splice on the same cable wire was curiously interference free through all of this.

I plugged everything back in and the interference came back only when the RTV was plugged in (either wiuth the blue LED showing off or on).

At this point, I was thinking that my RTV was hosed. But, when I tried it on the initially interference free TV, the recordings and live TV viewing were completely clear of any interference patterns.

So, my conlcusion is/was that the TV experiencing the noise was what actually had gone bad. The RTV and the TV together were creating noise on each other, but the TV was the instigator. Seperating the two has seemed to fix the problem.

Any theories? Particularly since the interference hadn't been there for 9 months (since I got the RTV) and started up out of the blue. I'm an EE, but this is out of my area.
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Does it interfere if the TV isn't directly above the Replay? Did you elininate the cables from being a part of the problem, aka Try other cables?
I separated the units by about 5 feet, which was all my cables could do. The interference didn't go away.

To cure the problem, I just switched TVs. My bedroom TV has now become the home office TV and vice-versa. I am still using the same cables though without any problem and the RTV sits underneat the TV in the same spot with no problems.

I'm really at a loss as to what could have changed to suddenly cause the interference on the first TV. Granted, the first TV is a 14 year old 19" cheapie (GE) and the TV that's fine is a more expensive 10 year old 27" Toshiba.
On my 5040, channel 2 shows horizontal rolling lines continuously. My 3020 never did this.

And its only on channel 2. :(
Damn, so much for my out-of-the-blue wireless router causing the problem. =(

As I'm sure you know noise can come from anywhere in the TV, and it can either be over the air noise or back on the power line to the outlet and then through the house (old vaccuume cleaners were great at this).

I've seen TV's do a lot of strange things, there's a lot of power in there and a transformer acting funny can cause lots of issues.
It was just annoying that it started happening without any warning or explanation. I thought it was everything but the RTV/TV combination. I suppose after 14 years, you can't expect too much out of the TV, even though the last 4 years it wasn't really used that much.

As for vacuum cleaners, man those things used to make me mad growing up. Absolutely ruined TV viewing the entire time the stupid vacuum ran.
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