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Another Battle of the Budget LCDs Thread (vizio memorex olevia)

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Ok, after days of sifting through threads, I figured I'd start one (and probably tick a bunch of people off) along the topic I'm researching.

Since Sears is throwing one of those no interest deals for the football push, I was thinking of getting an LCD for the master bedroom. We purchased a Vizio VX32L for the guest bedroom (tube wouldn't fit in space needed) a few months back, and so far I'm pretty happy with it. I've not had a chance to really calibrate it yet, but it seems pretty decent for the price point. That stuck the 27" tube in the master, which I've been itching to get rid of.

So while I'm checking out potentials, I come across 3 budget sets all around the same price point (within $50).

In the middle is the Vizio I own

Above that by $20 is the Memorex MLT3221

And below by about $30 is the Olevia 232V (think that's the model #)

As I said, I'm farily familiar with the Vizio, but have no experience with either the Olevia or Memorex model. Watching them at Sears tells you nothing as Sears has mediocre at best source feed, and the things are set to uber torch mode usually.

So, I figured I'd come here and ask around. Does anyone have much experience with either of the others, or combinations thereof? I'd appreciate any input I can get. I'm a bit picky, though not terribly so for the bedroom. Just something that can handle an SD source ok, and does a good job with HD sources. So if any of the 3 stand out, I'd love opinions.
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Any updates? I was looking at each for $600 with a pricematch. Vizio VX32LHDTV10A or Memorex MLT3221 at Sears? which one is better, I want to hook up a laptop to it too.
hunh, didnt know memorex was making tvs.

or rebadging someone elses, i should say.
Last I heard Syntax/Brillian (parent company for Olevia) was in some financial trouble, Memorex is a rebadge of some no-name mfr. Vizio is the solidest company of the 3 which would make it the preference if customer support in the future is a consideration.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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