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Having moved over to a HTPC I don't need most of these anymore. Most of these are bought used and are in good shape and ALL function properly. $6 for one, $11 for 2, $15 for 3, etc. Shipping via Post Office as cheap as I can now that I've mailed a few looks like $6-8 per order. Box sets priced individually. If you want the whole lot or a whole bunch make me an offer!

Battle Los Angeles

Serenity 2 copies

Mission Impossible 1,2, & 3 SOLD

Terminator Salvation

The Fifth Element

American Gangster

300 SOLD

Bullitt SOLD

National Lampoon's Animal House SOLD

The Untouchables

The 40-year-old Virgin

This is 40 SOLD

No Country for Old Men


Project X

Date Night

Rio Bravo

Pineapple Express SOLD

Burn After Reading

Traitor SOLD


Twilight New Moon

Twilight Eclipse

Body of Lies

Super Bad SOLD

The Getaway (McQueen version) SOLD



The Town

Roadhouse SOLD

Friday the 13th uncut

Good Night and Good Luck

Michael Clayton SOLD

The Usual Suspects

The King's Speech SOLD

The Karate Kid (new one)

Let the Right One In

Rachel Getting Married

Cool Hand Luke

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 SOLD

Public Enemies SOLD

Lonesome Dove

Wrath of the Titans

Star Wars Clone Wars

The Descendants

Get Smart

Die Another Day

The Social Network SOLD

Full Metal Jacket

Donnie Darko

The Big Hit SoLD

Watchmen Directors Cut SOLD

LA Confidential


Wanted SOLD

The Devil Wears Prada

Poison Ivy the Secret Society

Clash of the Titans

The Terminator

The Nightmare Before Christmas SOLD

Pale Rider

Any Given Sunday SOLD


Hanna SOLD

The Wild Bunch

Showgirls SOLD


Dr. No

Away we Go


The Princess and the Frog

Bugs Life SOLD

Ice Age SOLD

Gran Torino


Wedding Crashers

Hustle and Flow

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon SOLD


From Russia With Love

Dan in Real Life


Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

Letters from Iwo Jima

The Prestige SOLD

Die Hard SOLD

Die Hard 2 SOLD

Die Hard with a Vengeance SOLD

3:10 to Yuma SOLD

Sherlock Holmes

The Amazing Spiderman

Almost Famous Directors Edition SOLD


Super 8

The American


Appoloosa SOLD

Sex and the City

Sex and the City 2

Bridesmaids SOLD

Batman Gotham Knight

Shoot Em Up SOLD

Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Duplicity SOLD


The Austin Powers Collection SOLD

The Best of Blu-ray Volume One Lethal Weapon Swordfish Training Day Road Warrior $13

The Best of Blu-ray Volume Three The Departed Goodfellas Superman Blazing Saddles $13

Firefly The Complete Series SOLD

The Riddick Collection $11

Heroes Season 2 $12

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