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I have just bought a V20 brand new in the UK and after setting up I am unable to hear any sound on the TV while connecting via a HDMI cable supplied with the Bose system unless I now have the optical cable also connected. All the instructions say if the connection is via HDMI one does not need any other cables? Also on the display only PCM 2.0 is visible not 5.1 is this a problem, this remains same if I am watching a DVD or TV channel? is this a problem? I'm sure I have connected all cables as per the instructions, I did not use the scart/splitter cable supplied with the Bose as HDMI connections are available. One other thing When attempting to setup for the Bose remote to operate my Samsung LE46A856 TV all the codes provided in the system list do not appear to allow the Bose remote to take charge of the TV. Other items connected are Samsung DVD recorder 275 & PS3 direct to HDMI on the TV. The incoming aerial is connected directly to the DVD & then the TV. Please can anyone advise a known issue/remedy for my problems.

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