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Chad visited my meager home and setup yesterday (3/31) and was her for a full 5+ hours. It seemed much longer because of my anticipation of getting to "play" once he was done. The many posters on AVSForum that have already had the pleasure of Chad's visits are to blame for that angst, but in hindsight, were understated as far as I am concerned. During that time, he took what I thought was what I considered a really good picture, and exceeded all expectations by a large margin! This panny replaced a Hitachi 57s715 RPTV that was calibrated by LionAV years ago, so I was not a rookie to differences a proper calibration can produce. Additionally, mere pictures on a forum of other's displays as well as others praise still doesn't accurately portray what reality can produce.

He took time to not only review my entire setup with me, as meager as it may be, which consists of the 60ST60, a Panny HTB770 soundbar, a Panny BDT230 Bluray player, and a DirecTV Genie DVR. He asked questions about my viewing habits and room lighting during different times. Ours is in our living room with not only a large picture window, but fairly close to a mostly glass front door. Although we don't get any "direct sun", we do get a lot of natural light. And although Chad said it wasn't totally necessary, I went ahead anyway and took the effort though of hanging black plastic with command hooks (easy up and down) to darken the room for him to work.

He meticulously setup day and night settings on all HDMI ports as well as calibrated a separate setting for 3D. He explained everything he was doing as he proceeded and even graciously answered quite a few of my "newbie" questions with enthusiasm. After he left, some in our family spent the next 8 hours viewing and reviewing everything we could under all different conditions and at every turn, we were catching ourselves saying "wow", did you see that?" "I don't remember seeing THAT the first time", and "rewind that, I gotta see that again"!

With that said, I couldn't just see adding onto an existing Chad B. post. It just wouldn't be sufficient to express the proper level of praise I wish to bestow on Chad for not only his efforts, but the resulting perfection that is a properly calibrated Panasonic 60ST60 display.

Sure, this review/recommendation may be based on a healthy dose of nativity about higher quality video equipment, a little over the top in enthusiasm, corny, or any other acronym you may want to come up with, but hopefully, you get the point as well as my level of satisfaction. High end or low end, expert or newbie, If you are lucky enough to be within Chad's service areas, either in the Ohio/Midwest area (I am in Michigan), or during one of his tours, and are on the fence about getting a calibration on your set........... get over it and run, don't walk to the phone or computer and schedule it. You will NOT be disappointed!

Thanks again Chad!

J Moon

Lansing, MI
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