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Which unit would you recommend?

  • LG LHB335

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  • Onkyo HTX-22HDX

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  • Denon DHT-591BA

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  • Other. My recommendation in the thread.

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So i have a few HTiB units i was looking at. I am looking at low to mid ranged units, preferably staying around $500 but willing to budge if there are overwhelming reviews. I rarely use DVD and have never owned a Blu-ray player before. They are not necessary but definitely a plus as its one less thing to get in the future.

My background. I'm a student on a budget. $500 +/- a few bucks doesn't sound much, but i'm a cheap student, just spent a load of cash on my TV and media player, still need to budget for Christmas gifts, and most importantly planning a move overseas soon. So finances are a bit tight.

So far my system consists of a LG 32LE5400 and WD TV Live Media Player. That's it.

Here's what i found so far:

1) LG LHB335 The cheapest and most full featured set up. $280 including tax locally. Solves my issue of getting better sound, DVD, and Blu-ray all under $300. Instant gratification of buying locally. One small plus is that its made by the same manufacturer as my TV, really not an advantage but it's kinda nice to have matching components. The only problem, its only mediocre in the sound department with muddy bass. Ewww, who wants muddy bass? It's not what i want but what i can afford right? I'm not overly picky, just want something acceptable and better than my LCD/LED TV speakers. I'm sure i will be happy with the unit and whats left over in my wallet, but i know i will not be blown away compared to choice #3.

2) Onkyo HTX-22HDX The easiest to set up, minimalistic, and good sound according to reviews. $350 shipped online. I'm moving over seas soon and my apartment will be small. According to the reviews it has above average sound for comparable 2.1 units priced hundreds more. I love its modern design. Factor an additional $100 for a Blu-ray/DVD unit in the future.

3) Denon DHT-591BA with Boston Acoustic speakers. Best sounding of this bunch by far, most expensive by far. Hopefully i can find one for around $500 shipped during the holiday sales. If no sales, $550-600 (msrp) shipped. This unit will exceed my expectations with excellent sound. My budget is $500 but this is an example of overwhelmingly good reviews and budging a little on budget. Factor as additional $100 for a Blue-ray unit in the future.

What do you fellas think? Suggestions on comparable HTiB units also appreciated.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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