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Another HR24-100 Freezing Thread (w/ a possible twist)..

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I've been reading through a ton of posts about freezing problems with the new DirecTV HR24 Receivers and possible different reasons for them to happen.. Anywhere from HDMI problems with certain A/V receivers to reasons coming from types of audio encoding and sources..

However, there is a scarcity of posts that say whether or not the audio dropouts, lockups and freezing can be recreated in the SAME EXACT PLACE on the recorded program..

I've gone through most of the programs that I've had problems with locking up and freezing and in each of these playbacks, the freezing and occasional audio dropout will happen at the SAME place each time.. It won't happen sometimes, meaning it won't lock up 5 times when I watch the recording the first time, then only 2 times the second.. It will stay consistent each time I play it, freezing and locking w/ occasional audio dropouts in the same place every time no matter how many times I play it back.

When this happens, I'm not experiencing any pixel problems or signal loss symptoms that happens when your signal gets low because of storms or anything like that, it just stops, sits there for it's allotted "thinking time" and then starts back up again with no apparent "skipping" of any part of the program.. (although most of the time when it stops, it does it 2-3 times during that "glitch" before it clears up again..

THIS tells me the problem is NOT during playback, but during the recording of the show/movie instead. That would indicate it has nothing to do with my HDMI cables, the receiver I'm using, whether or not I use the audio on the digital coax cable instead of the HDMI cable, if I turn off Dolby Digital or not, etc..

In addition, the programs I've had issues with so far have no pattern.. They are programs being recorded when the TV isn't in use with the DVR "off", the same with the DVR "on", programs recorded while I'm watching them (and they didn't lock up THEN, but did when I rewatched them), programs recorded while I'm watching something else, programs recorded while the A/V Receiver is off and HDMI is "passing through" the video and audio to the TV, and programs recorded while the A/V Receiver is on and HDMI is pushing video and audio with 7.1 channels are blasting us through the back of the couch.. I'VE EVEN tested recordings that were made with HDMI routed straight to the TV... Out of all of this, I'd say 50% or more of them have freezing problems that are all in the exact same place on each program every time you play them back..

I would guess that it's possibly the HDD, but I've ran tests on it and it passes with flying colors.. I've also ran every test imaginable on the DVR (that I can find) and they all pass as well..

I would then guess I'm getting possible signal issues, but I'm literally getting a 99% signal (different satellite test gets 96% - 100%) which is the best signal I've ever gotten from a dish.. This is a new install, about a week old, using the SWM enabled 3LNB Slimline dish, one HR24 DVR, & 3 H25 Receivers with a DECA Whole Home DVR setup (all receivers using DECA)..

So, what next?? We went from U-Verse back to DirecTV recently and the wife isn't too happy with me when her crappy chick shows are messing up.. AND I've already ordered 3 more DVR's to replace the H25's and I'm worried that I'm going to run into issues with them too..

Anyone got any ideas about this?? I'm open for suggestions..

... and thanks for reading my small book here.. sorry for the length..
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