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Another looking for home sound thread

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I'm a total stereo noob and am looking for some advice.

I just bought a Samsung UN46B7100 and am unhappy with the sound - so I'm looking to get a basic surround sound system.

I have the following:

Sony Blue-ray player w/ digital optical out. Can output D.D,Dolby Pro-logic, DTS.

Comcast HD cable box w/digital optical out

Samsung LED TV

I believe I'd have to connect those two to a receiver/speaker to get sound, disabling the TV's sound speakers.

The viewing room is "L" shaped, with the TV in the middle of the base of the "L". Approx 11x15'.

I have hearing damage in one ear (most of the midrange hearing is gone), and the wife's hearing isn't the greatest, so high end equipment would be wasted on us even if we could afford it.

I think that a 4-speaker system (1 for each corner of the room?) would be adequate; don't know if we'd need 5-7 speakers. I don't need heavy bass; it'd probably be overkill for us. We have a toddler, so we mainly get to watch movies, etc when he's sleeping so massive bass would actually be a disadvantage, waking him up.
Though I'm sure he'd like the bass when he's older...maybe I'd best allow for some sort of subwoofer then.

I don't want to buy low end trash, but high end isn't appropriate for us. I'd like to keep it between $300-400..

Any suggestions?
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For proper surround sound you need 5 speakers(Front and rear lefts and rights, and center channel) and 1 subwoofer aka 5.1

Something like the Denon avr-590ba will be a perfect set up. And only $550.
Doing a bit more research seems to indicate that I'd want a 5.1 system at least.

Did discover that the Blue-ray player outputs Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-logic, Dolby True-HD, and DTS-HD. Also has a HDMI output plus digital. So I'm not sure whether it'd be best to route the video through the receiver and on to the TV or just use an optical output and run a HDMI to the TV. Though I think that running one HDMI cable from the Blue-ray player and one from the cable HD box to the receiver with output from the receiver to TV would lessen the cable mess.

I ran the Denon system by the wife, and she's totally changed her tune now - she doesn't want to spend that much money - but she'd had been okay with my original estimate of $500-750. Go figure.

So something in the $300-400 range might be all she is willing to spend. I think that's unrealistically low, but hey...better than nothing I guess.
at your lower price, you will give up the lossless HD audio codecs (Dolby Tru HD and DTS-HD). The typical receivers in that price range do not handle audio over the HDMI cable....you will need an additinal Toslink optical or digital audio coax connection to get regular Dolby Digital 5.1

The only system within your lower budget would be the Sony HT-SS360 system. I'm not a great fan of "current" Sony consumer audio, but it will be better than nothing.

Your other option would be something like the Onkyo S6200 HTiB (home theater in a box). Watch for sales or consider a refurb from an authorized dealer http://www.accessories4less.com/make...od-Dock/1.html
I'm going to try and convince that it's better to spend a little more for good equipment over crap that I'll be unhappy with/or makes us give up the better Blue-ray sound.

I'm going to make her suffer some more so she hates the sound the tv puts out, and maybe that'll help my cause.

I LIKE the Denon unit so far.
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The Denon AVR-590ba is the the cheapest HTIB option that does everything you want

Personally I have the same features with my Sony STR-DH700 reciever letting my Blu-Ray player decode the audio and play it through my Polk RM6750 5.1 set. I paid $450, but prices have since gone up
I went to buy one of these units, and I now find that they are hard to find. I talked to Denon, and while they claim the unit is NOT discontinued, it's not in production either. She said that there is no info available as to what's going to replace it if it were to be discontinued. NO help whatsoever.

I have not been able to find a reputable online source for one of these. My local Best Buy does not have them anymore. Amazon did have them not that long ago, but no more.
Denon 590 receivers are discontinued, they will be replaced by the 591 in early summer.

The only Denon authorized dealer I could find that still was showing the 590BA bundle was Dakmart
I am not interested in refurb units, so I guess I am totally crap out of luck. I didn't want to wait til summer, so I may get a competitor's unit. Back to the drawing board...
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I suggest the Sony SS370 system, only $349.99 and will work great with what you have. It is a simple HTiB system. Otherwise, the Onkyo S3300 ($329.99) is also a great system. These both offer great sound at an affordable price. With every system you can control how much Bass and volume you want. They also offer Night Modes that allow to get great sound at night without waking up your neighbors or kids.

I am not sure if you BD player decodes DTS-MA and/or TruHD. If it does not, then go with the Onkyo since it decodes onboard. If it decodes, the SS370 works great... I have it, listening to it right now... I love it!!!
Why shy away from refurbs? There are no issues as long as you buy from authorized sources. For example, one could get a refurbed Onkyo system with a year ONKYO warranty from accessories4less.com at a substantially lower price. Hey, its not my money, but there are MANY people on this forum that have purchased these types with absolutely no issues. In fact, all the reviews I've read say they appear like new. Do what you'd like, but you're missing out on quality at discounts. Good luck!
FWIW, a refurbed Onkyo or Denon will beat the Sony system any day. Not saying the Sony is bad, just the others have real receivers and better speakers.
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