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another question on the Pioneer 1014

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Hi Guys,

I did a search on this subject but came up dry, so I

hope I'm not covering old ground. If so...apologies.

I'm considering picking up the Pio 1014TX this afternoon

while it's still on sale at BB. Hopefully, it will be a

noticeable step up from my circa 90's Pio D557 which is

simply first generation DPLogic.

System setup on the old D557 is very simplistic, so I set

my mains to large (Athena F2s) and use the speaker level

inputs on the Velodyne sub to manually dial in the crossover,

in my case around 55-60 HZ, and then on to the speakers.

(btw, all done with avia tone sweeps and spl meter)

Considering that the 1014 has the MCACC system which sets up

the amp channels internally I'm guessing that speaker level

hookup would be a no-no and I should use the sub-out rca jack

on the receiver back panel. Please correct me if I'm wrong

with this train of thought.

If I'm not then my dilemna is this, the rca input on the

velodyne has "two" jacks, left/right or wht/red.

So, do I choose one randomly or do I need some sort of

one (receiver) to two plug (sub) cable?

Thanks a bunch for any enlightment you can give on this.

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You can set it up with the 1014 the same way you have it now.

If you choose the pre out option instead, either get a sub cable that has one RCA input and two RCA outputs, or use a cable with one RCA connector on each end, and plug it in the left input on the sub.
You would set the 1014 to Subwoofer - "No" and mains large, the rest small. Then it routes all the bass to the mains, the sub strips off the bass and sends the mid to high to the Athena's. Just make sure the Velodyne is actually high-passing the speaker level output and not just sending the full signal to the mains. That would cause bass doubling and higher distortion from deep bass reaching the mains.

Personally, I would just set all speakers small and choose either 50 or 80hz crossover and let the receiver do all the routing.

Regarding sound quality, the difference between Pro-logic and Dolby Digital/DTS is akin to being tossed through a glass window. Prepare to be blown away.
Thanks for the replies guys,

Just got back from a lengthy TDY so I couldn't reply.


I tried what you said but the Velo would not auto kick on for lower output

volumes. I picked up a Y-connector to feed L and R and all is well now.


I tried the speaker level input, setting sub to 'no' and dialing in the freq

for high pass on the sub, MCACC ran and the result was less than stellar.

It worked but, eh...

When I used the Y-conn to the Velo, fed from the subout on the 1014, and sub to 'yes', MCACC was happy, calibrated it's a** off and the results were, shall I say more than GOOD. Strangely enough, spkr distances damn near

matched the physical layout, including the sub!

BTW, You were absolutely right, the difference between PL (4.1) and DD 5.1/DTS was like getting thrown through a plate glass window.

It was fun to watch the silly grin on my wife's face as I played some

selected scenes from LOTR, Master&Commander, Gladiator,

Twister, and a few others.

The 1014 and the Athena setup was a helluva stepup for these old ears.

Thanks to your replies and this forum, I'm in personal heaven for under 2K.

Have a great day.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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