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I'm finally getting around to replacing an older Kenwood HTB-504 system. The I/R bit the dust on the Amp. I'm going to repair it and put it on craig's list, but I upgraded the receiver to a Sony STR-DH720 in order to be able to be able to deal with a more modern set of inputs & outputs (I know- but it has a nice mix of features at a good price point including conversion of component to HDMI. The Denon that did what I wanted was too much more since you have to go to the 19xx to get component video & USB). To stretch the budget a bit, I'm currently using the KS-505HT speakers that came with my kenwood, but just the fronts, center, & sub. My current situation does not easily lend its self to surround, and music is more important anyway ATM. The room is about 12 x 24 but has one brick wall and an inaccessible crawlspace, making hiding surround wires difficult at best.

I want to upgrade the fronts, but I have some limitations that I need help with.

1. Space- I need the height to be under 10 1/2 inches. I've currently got the 505HTs on their side to fit the space, and I know that is not ideal.

2. Price- I'd like to stay under $200 for the pair. I'd say I could go a bit higher, but when you say that on a forum, people start recommending things hundreds higher.

3. Music- Music is more important, but I want to have the freedom to use the same speakers in a surround setup if I decide to in the future. Probably with the rest of the 505HT speakers if that time comes. If this is a bad idea, just tell me. I can take it.

Is it possible to get something in that price range that would sound no worse, better if possible, than my current speakers and still fit my space requirements? My current sub is pretty good, all things considered, so I'm planning on keeping that long term.

A side question- is it worth having the center hooked up when I don't have surrounds? Should I just disconnect it, keep it, or look at upgrading that some time after upgrading the fronts? Thanks for any help you all can give.
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