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Another step for blurays progress

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I tought this could be fun to know.

That on the june 17th, we got our first BD movie that was produced and released for the Swedish market.


While the Seventh Seal was the first swedish movie on BD, it wasnt a Swedish BD release.

And while we had swedish produced BDs none of them have been a domestic produced movie.

So that this happen on a very smal market is a good sign.

That it was released on a BD50 is also interesting, I was expecting it would end up on a BD25.

It was Encoded with AVC + DTS-HD MA + DD640

But for the bad parts, they havnt included a single bonusmaterial (well a trailer in the end of the movie) Forgett to include English subtitles, and I guess they even region codec the movie (havnt confirmed)

Also, so far i havnt been that impressed with the movie. (You should never use narration in a motion picture...)
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Hey, its a step in the right direction!

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