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Another take Warner's THD "format"...

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I have been intrigued and worried by the possibility of this new combo-format from Warner and then I got to thinking....

is it possible this is being purposely done to keep the end-cost of the new discs high?

I have read a lot over the last few years about the studios being dismayed that DVDs became so cheap (a combination of loss leaders, the rental market, OnDemand competition, etc...) so fast. My reasoning is that by having discs that have an excuse to be higher priced from the start, they can be kept high for a much much longer time. HD-DVDs are much cheaper and easier to produce, so realistically the movies shouldn't be much more than SD DVD. I could see how studios would want to avoid a brand new next-gen format that is cheap from the get-go. Of course, that is best for us, but harder for the studios to rape us.

Then again, I am still bitter that (as a format) the compact disc stayed at $15 after all this time.

Maybe I am just trying to avoid countless threads of Blu-ray freaks vs. HD-DVD freaks.
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As long as the THD don't raise the price of HD-DVD again I don't care. I really feel cheated by those freaking combo disks. I bought in HD-DVD movies were between 19.99-29.99 now because of combos movies are 29.99-39.99 WTF? prices should be going down not up! I know they are here to stay but I'm really sick of combo's if I wanted a standard dvd I could also buy separate ones for the price of the combo so my kids don't screw up the HD disk. NO way is my 3 or 5 yr old taking a $40 disk to another room to watch the dvd side.
well at least with the Warner discs you could loan them to a friend that has the other format.

Regardless they will most likely be $30-$40 and that is too high for me. I don't purchase HD-DVD/DVD combo discs either unless Google checkout has a good special going on.
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