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Hi All,

before anyone raise an eyebrow let me tell you i am a novice in this AV world who has an ear for good sound. I thought if posting in existing thread but somehow thought my requirements are bit different so lets start a new thread.

I have a Toshiba satellite 17" laptop with 1.87ghz centrino mobile processor and 2gb ram and just bought the Logitech z5500 digital 5.1 speaker.

I do not do gaming so sound quality for gaming is not required.

Usage : songs 65% + 35 % movies

Here i understand that for movies with 5.1 dd/dts sound i need a pass through from software player to speakers as the speakers are capable of decoding it, also coax 75ohm cable should be used for it. My laptop do not have any spdif out.

So, i need a sound interface which can give digital out optical and coax both and can do wonders for my CD playing, before i forget my laptop have firewire400 port( mini or normal i don't know )

Also i have read in many places that for best sound in songs use analog cables, is it possible to connect same pair of speakers and sound card with analogue and digital in/outs. If yes, then how does it know to switch to analogue while cd playback and to spdif for movies.

also if analogue playback is best, do i need a DAC and connect it to my speakers for cd palyback? but then i will also need a usb to spdif converter--uff, that's too much to comprehend...sorry if all this looks like crap to you.

Also any suggestions on players/media softwares to be used for better music/video quality?

any help on this confusion is greatly appreciated


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