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I have an old sony reciever (1991) and PSB front speakers (no center or surrounds)....Decided to replace with a htib system with a "wireless" blu-ray player.

Went to Costco and returned home with a nice Panasonic system on sale for $319.00.....Put everything together and it works. "except for the back speakers. I did not want to crawl under the house for wiring.

Problem is I have to change imput on my tv everytime I want to use the system. I have it wired with a hdmi imput. It does have good sound for such "tiny" speakers.

My wife and I listen to Pandora and stream Netflix...............

If I took it back to Costco, put $300.00 more with it and got the Sony 720 amp with the Klipch speakers. Total $600.00..........Could I run things though just the amp and not be having to change my tv around from imput 1 to hdmi imput 2. Also would the $59.00 Roku be better to stream Pandora and Netflix?

HOW CAN I HAVE IT ALL for $600.00??????????
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