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I'm researching buying my first LCD TV and am close to deciding on what set I want but I can't seem to take that last step. I think I've narrowed my choices to the Samsung LN46B640/50 or the Samsung LN40B640/50. Does the 46" suffer from slight PQ loss because of pixel density? At the store the 40 seemed to look slightly better but that could just be a difference in settings. I'll be sitting 5-6 ft away, is 46 too big? I currently have a 31" tube TV that is about 15 years old, would the 40 be good enough? I know these are hard questions for someone else to answer but I need some opinions to push me one way or the other. Does anyone have numbers on how long LCD TVs typically last? I might be more willing to shell out the extra dough if I know I will have a set for 10 years. Or, should I just buy the 40 and plan to upgrade in five years? Last question, are there any other sets I should be looking at? $1500 is my high limit. Thanks in advance!

Ohh, I plan on watching HD cable, Blu-Ray, and some Xbox 360 gaming and PQ trumps screen size (factoring in cost of course).
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