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Another "What should I buy" thread - (DVD/Receiver combo w/ HDMI Switching)

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I'm trying to really consolidate my equipment - with a 2 year old running around, I think less is more (or at least, less is less to try and play with). I have a JVC HD-ILA with one HDMI port (61Z456).. my current components are:

Cable box: SA8300DVR

DVD: Yamaha something or other - (no HDMI, just component)

Receiver: Yamaha HTR5640 6.1 (but only 5.1 hooked up)

What I'd like to do is switch back to Tivo, which means my single DVR box will become 2 seperate units, and either switch the DVD player to an upconverting player or get an all-in-one DVD/receiver unit.

Here's the kicker - if possible, I'd like to get a 2.1 system - but that seems to be difficult enough to get.

Is there a good 2.1 system with at least 2 HDMI inputs and one output, so I can use it for a while? (w/ the DVD built in, I wouldn't need the 2nd HDMI input right away, but potenetially might down the line).

Or, is there a good 5.1 system with the DVD/Receiver combo and 2 HDMI inputs. I've been looking at the JVC RX-D411S/D412B models - if I go reciever only, that would work, and I guess I can then just get a seperate DVD player, but doesn't really help the limiting components issue...

Any suggestions?
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