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Sorry for asking this one guys. I normally do NOT do this as I love reading through all the threads deciding for myself which receiver to get.

But this time I am truly stumped!!

I have now a Marantz 7001 and I am using it as a pre-pro except it powers my two rear and one side channel. (my Sunfire has a blown fuse in one of its five channels) My Sunfire powers my front three and right side.

Front three speakers are Martin Logans and require gobs of power.

Inputs are Directv HD dvr, PS3, Hd-dvd, xbox 360 and Wii. Only two of which I use HDMI.

Bottom line I do not like the Marantz at all.

So starting this research two months ago I thought going in I was gonna get an Onkyo 806. That thing seems to have issues but those might not affect me, not sure.

So I need other suggestions, please.

Wanted to keep the price under 1k. Thanks in advance guys!!
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