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Another 'which receiver should I get' thread

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First off I want to say hi and thank everyone for all the info that has been given already - this forum is great.

As I am about to upgrade my receiver I have been pouring the hours into research, mainly but not exclusively in this forum. I have it narrowed down to a handful or units, and have one picked out over others due to price.

My current speaker setup and a/v equipment consists of:

Westinghouse lvm-37w1



360 (in the near future)

motorola sd cable box - soon to be a HDPVR

Paradigm monitor 3's, cc370, adp's x4 for surrounds, and the PS1200 sub.

Sony STR-DE695 receiver.... hence the upgrade to something a little more robust

I have it narrowed down to (price available in canadian):

Yamaha 6090 ($999)

Denon 887 ($999)

Pioneer VSX-81txv ($798)

These are all from authorized dealers and available locally to me. I am heavily leaning towards the 81txv, unless someone can sway me otherwise. The price is significantly lower than retail on it (1200) while the others are very difficult to make deals on.

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The blue one.

I have to say, when demoing two comparable Pioneer and Yamaha models in the 1000+ range they both sounded great. In the past Denons have always sounded great.

Some say Yamahas run a little brighter than Denon. I thought if anything the Pioneer sounded less bright than the Yamaha, but there were some uncontrollable variables in the demo.

I would look at the feature set over the sound quality, as the difference in the sound quality is less important.

Look at the remote controls. You have to live with its damn remote a long time I would guess. Look at HDMI capabilities. Make sure the On Screen Display works for you the way you expect, some don't.

I personally like Yamaha having owned 5 or 6 RX's, so I am biased.
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Well... I wasn't expecting to buy today, but I got a deal on the 81txv that I couldn't refuse. Thankfully it's the weekend and the wife is out of town, so I can setup and tweak to my hearts content

I had a chance to demo it along side the Denon 887 and Yamaha 1700, and prefered the seemingly more neutral sound of the Pioneer. While I think the remote could use a few different engineer's and some serious reconfiguration, my harmony should suffice in it's place.

Now onto the daunting task of setting it up.

I'm sure I'll be back here later, asking about something I don't understand
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