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I'm mainly looking for a place to get all of my thoughts out, in one place, and hopefully get some suggestions/confirmations as to which way to go. I've been waiting for my local Costco (Des Moines, IA) to get the 1522 in, but have had no such luck. My next step was going to be to the 818, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend the extra money for it. As luck would have it, along comes today's Newegg 30% off coupon code. This was finally what I needed to go with the 818...or so I thought.

After looking around on Newegg's site, I saw the 1222. I was hoping that it would be 30% off, and my decision was made, but when I tried to use the code for it, I got the message that the product wasn't eligible for the coupon. So here I am, trying to decide between the two receivers that are essentially the same price through Newegg.

I think I am leaning towards the Pioneer. I will be using it in a 5.1 setup with Phase Tech Teatros (7.5 fronts, 6.5 center, 4.5 rears) and a Klipsch RW-12d. I like the looks of the Pioneer better. In my living room I have an older Pioneer VSX-D309 that I love. I've read so-so reports of Onkyo reliability and customer service. From what I have heard the class D amps in the Pioneers sound great.

I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to listen to both, and if so was there a big difference between the two? Also, how does the video upscaling/pass through compare between the two? If I go with the Pioneer, is there something "big" that I would be missing out with in the Onkyo? A lot of what I have read seems to indicate that the Onkyo with the code is a great buy, but they both started at the same MSRP so I would assume that they are both in the same class.

I know this seems kind of disjointed and rambling, but any help is greatly appreciated.
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