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Antec P180 fan question

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I just bought an Antec P180 case and the fans that it comes with don't a have a normal fan connector that attaches to the motherboard.

I would like the motherboard to be able to control the fan speed. The fans that came with the case attach directly to the power supply.

What should I do to make sure the case is as quiet as possible, but will still speed up the fans when things get too hot?


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+ SpeedFan

Make sure the fans don't have their own temperature sensor and speed control or else you will be unable to control them properly.
Swap out the Antec Tri-Cools for some Nexus case fans. In my NSK2400 case, I swapped out one of the tri-cools for a silent low RPM Thermaltake (under 20 db), but I only did that because the fan went bad. With the Tri-Cools on low, I can't hear them from the couch.

On the P180, I swapped out the top and back tri-cools with nexus real silent fans and added another of the thermaltakes to the front fan slot by the upper hard drive cage. It's not bad now, but not quite up to silentpc standards. Or you could just slide the fan speed switch for the back fan outside of the case, and then when you need to drop your temperatures, just switch it to high or medium.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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