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Hi all

My question is on antenna and cable to one cable. I've been researching this topic all night long and all I see is this cannot be done. Yet, at my friend's place, he is able to have an antenna in his attic attached to a 7 way splitter with a cable in from Comcast. This splitter goes to all his rooms in the house. Every TV in his house that's plugged into the wall jack receives both standard cable and the OTA channels he receives via the antenna. Keep in mind though this splitter and antenna are about as old as his house, which is 16 years old, so there is no way for me to find those products anymore.

I'm trying to hook up my sister's new TV to do the same, since she has only one RF input on her new Vizio VO420E. She really does NOT want an A/B switch and would prefer to have something like my friend. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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