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I think this should be an easy question but who knows.

This is my current setup...all RG6, DB4 running a short 3ft coax through a ground block. Then another short 5ft coax to a 2-way splitter. One of splitters length is about 30ft and the other around 60. The 60ft length is going to my HD Tivo. The Tivo has dual tuners and I am running an HDMI cable to the TV. According to the Tivo I am getting 95% (give/take) signal strength on all my channels.

My issue - I would like to have two cables at the Tivo/TV so that the Tivo can record 2 shows at once and I could watch a live show by having the other coax going to the tv's tuner.

My question - Should I replace the 2-way with a 3-way and have two 60ft runs and one 30? Or put another 2-way at the end of the current 60ft run (right where it currently comes into the Tivo)?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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