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Antenna Recommendation/ OTA Tuner

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I have a Sony CRT hooked up to C Band satellite that is HD ready. I do have an outdoor antenna, Radioshack, for local stations but it is old and has some damage. When I decide which tuner to buy, I thought it would be best to upgrade the antenna to make sure I get the best reception possible for the digital stations. Analog reception is good on a couple of stations and fair on the rest with the current antenna. The antennaweb results are below.

I have read the forum on tuners but still have not been able to decide on which brand to buy there are so many opinions. The Samsung sounds OK and so did another brand, Proband I think.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.


* red - uhf WPTY-DT 24.1 ABC MEMPHIS TN 29° 30.0 25

* red - uhf WREG-DT 3.1 CBS MEMPHIS TN 30° 22.8 28

* red - uhf WKNO-DT 10.1 PBS MEMPHIS TN 33° 21.6 29

* red - uhf WPXX-DT 50.1 MNT MEMPHIS TN 29° 25.1 51

* blue - uhf WMC-DT 5.1 NBC MEMPHIS TN 29° 30.0 52

* blue - uhf WLMT-DT 30.1 CW MEMPHIS TN 29° 30.0 31

* violet - uhf WHBQ-DT 13.1 FOX MEMPHIS TN 29° 22.1 53
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you appear to be very lucky in your location, all UHF stations, all roughly in the same magnetic compass direction and all 30 miles or less. There may be some terrain issues with the blue/violet ratings. A good quality UHF antenna like the Winegard PR-4400 or Channel Master 4225 should work well.

If you prefer the yagi style antenna over the "bed spring" type, than a Winegard HD9095P should work nicely.

I have used a refurbished Samsung SIR-t451 for about a year with no problems. Like all digital ATSC tuners, it does require a preset level of signal strength (threshold) to receive anything at all on the digital channels, therefore a really good antenna, mounted well, is required
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