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Recently my Anthem MCA50 had a problem and it appears that it literally blew out my 5 very very nice speakers (of a 5.2 system, not every driver was blown on every speaker but most of them). Amp and speakers, toast. I'm still in shock with what happened to my dream audio system. Thankfully, Onix, the manufacturer of my Reference line speakers has been incredibly helpful with working with me on replacing the damaged speaker drivers.

I've returned the Amp to Anthem (it's under 2 years old) and they identified that something caused a cap to blow / leak electrolytics onto the power supply board and from there things got worse... it appears that a very nasty DC voltage went out to the speakers. Anthem is covering the amplifier under warranty and I am talking to them about the other things.

BUT... what I am really curious about is, has anyone else had a similar experience? I've never heard of something like this and wanted to ping the audio community to see what your experience has been.

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