The third generation of Anthem Room Correction has been unveiled at ISE 2019 in Amsterdam and offers improved speed plus more capability.

Anthem Room Correction, aka ARC, is a sophisticated room correction software solution for two channel and surround-sound applications. At ISE 2019 in Amsterdam, Anthem announced the third generation of the technology: ARC Genesis.

This new room correction solution offers a user configurable target curve, and applies "powerful acoustic correction algorithms" to sound in order to compensate for room related effects that can negatively impact audio fidelity. Here are some additional details on this solution, that is supported by both Mac and Windows:

This latest generation of ARC allows you to connect to compatible equipment to using USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or Bluetooth (depending on the product). Additionally, Anthem has stated that it will upgrade ARC Mobile to incorporate the ARC Genesis feature set.

Anthem states that ARC Genesis provides improved quality results by utilizing optimized algorithms that are also faster than those in previous generations of the product. ARC is able to select crossover points, compensate for a room again, and create optimal target curves for individual speakers. The company also states that if you utilize it in conjunction with Anthem STR Series products, then it is able to align the phase of speakers and subs.

One feature that should please the tweakers is a improvement to ARC's Quick Measure function. There is now a "Snapshot" function that preserves the curve of a current measurement, allowing the user to overlay it and compare with subsequent measurement curves. This way, you can find the most optimal configuration for a speaker system and keep the settings that work the best.

Availability is expected in spring of 2019 with a free download at