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I have an Anthem D1 processor and PVA7 7-channel amp. Right now, I'm only using 5 of the amp's channels for home theatre. In the future I may add rear surrounds and use the 2 spare channels, but for now I'm thinking of putting some speakers at the back of my house on my deck (when it gets warmer
). Without spending a forture on an elaborate whole-house audio distribution system, what options do I have for controlling audio (volume, and CD or iPod track changes) remotely from the backyard? I can run additional wiring out back no problem, and would be interested in something like a wall-mounted control. I know the D1 has remote hook up options and IR receive and transmit hookups as well but not sure how to take advantage of those for the zone 2 features of the D1.

Appreciate any ideas!

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