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Anthem MDX-8

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I wanted to share my first install of a MDX-8 becasue I was so pleased with it. The room I was concerned with was a larg one, about 40 ft by 25 ft with 16 ft ceilings. The left and right walls were all glass :eek:, plus I had to use in ceiling speakers.

On the plus side the ceiling were 3/4 slatted wood as were the 2 walls that were not glass.This job involved a lot of travel so I was very worried because once everything was shipped to the site and I arrived there would be no way to deal with anything that went wrong. It's on an very small island with the closest island large enough for a hardware store a 30 minute boat ride, then car ride etc..
I specified 2 pair Triad gold mini monitors, the in ceiling version; plus the Triad silver in wall sub. The speakers were placed in the 4 corners but about 7 ft from the side walls and about 2 ft from the back walls. The sub was placed in an existing cabinet.
Pre ARC the sound was okay but i was worried cause it was not good enought to justify the cost of the speakers (and my labor). Post ARC I could not believe how much better it sounded, it sounded great! ARC corrected most of the lower freguency issues and of course the highs which were a mess, :eek:.
I am now thinking about selling my Parasound Zonemaster to get a MDX in my home.
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Good to hear as I have damn near the same room that I am trying to plan for... Add all concrete floors to this situation and yes it is an acoustical nightmare in the making.
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