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Anthem vs Marantz vs Denon

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Looking for AV Receiver with #1 priority being Audio Quality playing back both 2 channel and SACD/DVD-A multichannel tracks.

With that said I also dont want to limit myself on any of the video capabilities an AV Receiver can offer. My question is what can one receiver do better than my Oppo BLu-Ray in the video dept anyway? Dont you use the chip in the Oppo for video playback anyway? What am i missing? Can some of these receivers upconvert cable signals on regular TV for instance?
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Any thoughts on this? Anyone?
Yes, you can still use the Oppo to upscale DVDs. TVs already scale everything to their native resolution so a 1080P TV will already scale cable to 1080P. Some receivers will do a better job than the TV and some won’t. Now if you have a projector I would put more emphasis on getting a receiver with good upscaling. For me, its not as big a deal on a TV.
When it comes to stereo playback how the bias current is set determines how smooth, clean the HF is or how precise and detailed the stereo imagining is. Its a matter of the manufacturer getting it set to the optimal balance of both. Some amps do a better job at one or the other. A few manage to get both right. It would be a matter of listening to all three, to tell which one is doing it best. Preferred listening though whatever speaker system you have.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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