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I ran across a local bowling lane that was going out of buisness. I can get the actual lane material cut into lengths. I wanted to splice them together and make a "mini-lane". I can't find any advice or information though. Any Advice or is this even possible?

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Funny you mention this...

My kids were bowling in our HT this morning:

I'd think building the lane would be easy, but the ball return and pin setting would be very expensive unless you did it manually (with someone sitting at the far end like they did 50-100 years ago).


This place does residential installations and has used equipment:

Got a spare 90 feet? Install a bowling alley

"Residential installs have picked up over the last four years about 200%; it's incredible right now, says Tim Claxton, sales manager of United Bowling, a 32-year-old bowling alley construction company in Amelia Island, Fla. "We did 18 private homes last year," says Claxton, including a recent job at the $15 million home of a Warner Bros. executive. "We get requests daily. We have to weed out who's serious and who's not," he says, estimating that private homes are now about half of the company's business.

Price: $88,000 gets you two regulation lanes, installed, with the whole enchilada: pins, pin-setting equipment, wood lanes, computer scoring -- even shoes!

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