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Any advice on shipping LD's ??

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The other day I realized I've probably used my LD player twice in the last year. Decided to sell it along with my LD collection - just wondering what the best way is to ship LD's.

Any advice appreciated on shipping material and company to use - just want to figure out how much this will cost before I start listing them on ebay.


(i'm dashing over from the replay forum with my dumb questions - please be gentle :D )
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:) ! and furthermore....Get a roll of bubble wrap to put around the LDs. The Priority Mailer boxes @ the P.O. are fine. That chain that sells packing material and takes shipping drop-offs proably has LD/LP size boxes too. I get mine from a used record shop. You might want to group LD sales, the common run of the mill titles anyway, in lots of 4, 6, 10, or there abouts. I'd sell any rare titles singley.

LD's, single discs, weigh about 1 lb. each. If you sell larger lots of LDs I'd take them to a packing company and get a box cut for them. Again, wrap the discs singley or colectively in bubble wrap. LD's edges are their weak spot. If they split, rot begins.

I've shipped three LD players. Two out of three made their destination unbroken. They were all double-boxed. I take the Pioneer box to the box company down the street and get a slightly larger box and stuff the space with filler. Double-box!! UPS and FEDEX are both rough on occasion!!! Unless you're selling an LD-S2 or somethin' like that. You'll be able to box and ship in the 15 to $25 range to the lower 48. Good luck with it!
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I have sold my whole LD collection over the last 6 years (all but a stubborn 30 that I still have)

All I did was cut 4 pieces of heavy cardboard 12.5X12.5"(two on bottom and two on top) then cut a long piece that's as wide as the height of the stack your shipping.

Set the two pieces of cardboard on the floor, set the disc on top of cardboard, wrap the long piece around the edge of LD stack and tape in place, put two pieces of cardboard on top and tape it all up well.

I've never had any returns because of damage, and it's cheap.
Hehe, steal two stop signs and sandwich the LD in between.
so is ebay the best place to see these things (LD & LD players)

i looked in the classified section here but it doesn't look like there's much activity
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