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Hi. Since one year, most of my photo work (japanese shibari***) come from "video-frames" with high shutter-speed, and mostly in very low light situations (using my D5200 with f1.4 lenses), therefore i'm VERY enthusiastic about the SONY A7S because of the combination of two amazing technologies:

- its extreme low-light sensibility

- And its 4K ability.

And the fact that it's a full frame (best DOF effect).
But it can only export the 4K through HDMI, not record it... And apparently an external 4K recorder cost... 2000 € !!?

( http://wolfcrow.com/blog/the-sony-a7s-4k-guide-part-five-external-recording-and-data-wrangling/ )

I see on the internet some reasonably cheap things called "bluray 4k recorders", sure, it's not portable, but would it work to record 4k video from the A7S with theses? ( http://www.auspreiser.de/preise/blu-ray-recorder-4k-19974507.html )

Or, could this converter record 4K from the A7S ? -> http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1073122-REG/inogeni_4k2usb3_4k_hdmi_to_usb.html (but anyway it's usb3.0 , while my MBP i7 is only usb2, damn, i would probably have to buy another computer, and would this record raw or compressed? I mean if it's 1Tb for each hour it's not gonna be practical to use 4K...)

Any other options ? or options coming soon ??

Oh please please...

I want this camera. I really would love to use 4K, together with extreme low light.

Or other question: Is it likely that Sony will come-up soon with a new version of this camera that can this time record the 4K video internally ??

I'm wondering if it's better to buy this camera and wait to a cheap 4K recorder to come-up on the market, or if i should rather wait for a similar extremely sensitive camera that record 4K in candle light... but how long would i have to wait??


*** Detailed note about why I think that 4K is the future for spontaneous photo shootings ***

As you can see on my blog, my pictures are really far from being sharp. Video frames at 3200 iso on my D5200 don't look that good, still after some lightroom corrections and adding a bit grain, it is usable for a blog... But for sure I would like make shaper pictures! I do have two or three pictures on that blog that come from true 24megapixels photos, and i make a lot of pictures at each shooting, as well as the videos, but overall, the true ‘photo' i shoot are not as great as the videoframes i can extract from the videos, this for several reasons:

- I can film all the time, the whole rope session for one hour, so i have much more material to take the best frame out of it.

- It’s silent. And this is a big thing. When the rope session is not focused on making pictures, but on the activity itself. We can forget the camera and this can be very important. It changes everything.

- I have 24 images per seconds to choose from.

(Even with a super-pro camera that can shoot at 10fps, i wouldn’t have that much choice of frames when the subject is moving fast… sometimes it’s really ‘that’ videoframe that is nice, not the one before or after. Plus in case of shooting 10fps for half an hour it would probably be a mess to watch one by one, instead of simply watching the video, and to deal with all that dozens of thousands of photos in Lighroom.)

That is to say, In my way of photoshooting spontaneous moments, '4K video’ is the future. Together with 'extreme low light sensibility’.

(I was also dreaming about 'on-sensor-phase-detection for continuous focus', that the A7S doesn’t have, but even the 70D, that have this technology, does not appear to make it work properly in low light, so maybe we’ll have to wait a bit more for that…)



Thank by advance for your help or comments,

Alex Lobos


*** lighter version: http://www.alexfun.org

*** version with a bit more photos: http://www.alexandreandco.tumblr.com

P.S: also: this guy built a DIY 4k recorder, but having problems and it’s not to sell : http://www.eoshd.com/comments/topic/8211-sony-a7s-diy-4k-recorder/
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