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Any cheap way to clean my power?

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I recently bought an older house and after finally getting around to hooking up my home theater set up, I discovered that my power was a bit dirty. I am getting some white noise from my subwoofer and travelling lines in my video signal. It's not huge, but enough to be an annoyance. All of my video is hooked up through component including and Xbox 360, Wii, and HD DVR to my Optoma HD70. The funny thing is that the 360 does not have this problem, but I assume it is due to the monstrous external power brick it has actually doing some power conditioning.

Anyway, I usually run my stuff through a decent surge protector (nothing fancy, but not a $5 bargin bin strip either) and it does not help. Today I went out and grabbed a Panamax PM8C-EX (which cleans to be a power conditioner) at it made no noticable difference (very minor if at all). I've seen the rackmount Furman and Panamax conditioners selling for $200+ and that is way more than I am interested in going. Are there any options under $100 for me?
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Ok, now I'm starting to question if it is power or not. I just bought and plugged in a Furman ML-8 and once again there was no difference. I have tried to isolate things as much as I can (including turn off my wifi) and here is no difference at all. This is driving me crazy.
Any suggestions on how to fix grounding issues?
9 times out of 10 it is a grounding issue between your coax cable and the house power.

Try disconnecting all coax connections to the cable tv jacks and playing a DVD and see if the problem is still there.

Make sure everything is plugged into the same outlet.

If the problem goes away with the coax unplugged, you can either re-groung the coax in the house or by a coax ground breaker from www.hometech.com .

Post back after you try.
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