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Any digital receivers between the XR57 and XR700?

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I require a class D receiver (carrying it in suitcase internationally and using a step-up converter with 220) and the 57 seems a bit limited (only 1 HDMI, no channel/sub separate channel control, 1080i HDMI out only) but I really don't want to pay double for the 700. Any other options in between?
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Bumping this in hopes that someone can help me out. I'm inching closer to decision time.

I'll add another question: any idea how many real world watts these guys consume? I'll be in 5.1, I guess bi-amping the fronts, although I have mid-sized satellites up there (as opposed to towers), might not be worth while. I'm asking because right now I have a 750watt 220-110 step down converter, but I also want to use it to run a sub and the receiver. I also have a couple 200 watt stepdowns, but that's probably not enough to run either. Insight appreciated.
If you are traveling internationally, there has been mention of an sa-xr59 being released in Europe. Search the xr57 thread for more info.

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