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Any disapointing experiences with Divas?

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This may be a short thread however I have to ask the question:

Has anybody had a disapointing experience with the Swan Divas?
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Good...no negatives...yet. I'am glad because my Diva complete set should be in tomorrow or Tuesday. I'll keep an eye on this thread but don't expect many if not any replies.

What kind of negative experience are you looking for?

Customer service? Their customer service is top notch, there's very little room of improvement for their CS. (at least, that's how I felt when I deal w/ them, both Russell & Steve)

The look? It's one of the best looking speaker I've seen.

The sound quality? For it's price, I think they'll be pretty tough to beat. I do wish that they (Diva 2.1) would have more lower extension... as much as the Dynaudio if possible :D. But I think that would be asking too much... coz even the Dynaudio has more bass than the CDM 1NT.

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Check Audio Asylum. There was a guy a couple of months ago who sent his 2.1's back because he felt they were too harsh. Keep in mind that he was an inmate.:D
Yeah, they only come in rosewood finish.

WAF = 0 in my case.
The guy from Audio Asylum who said his 2.1's were too harsh also said the same about his Magnepans. Always gotta consider the source! I think he went through a dozen pair of speakers before settling on EFE Technology T-22's.

I didn't know that. So he really is just a little loopy. Does that mean that EVERYONE else loves the Divas? Guess I can't blame them. This is a great thread. I thought at least one guy would come out of the woodwork.


BTW, my take on the Rosewood is that it is more classic than trendy. What exactly doesn't your wife like about it? It seems that it has been a selling point WAF wise for some of the guys.
My wife just did not like the look of the Rosewood finish when I showed here a pic of these speakers.

Guess they clash with the Bob Timberlake dark cherry armoire and HW floors or something. [shrug]

Everyone has different tastes. Too bad that sometimes rules out sampling these speakers.
There was a guy a couple of months ago who sent his 2.1's back because he felt they were too harsh. Keep in mind that he was an inmate.
So...do you think he would have liked them better if he had been in a padded cell??

Women are sensitive to higher frequencies. Maybe "he" has been locked-up far too long.

A jail with high-end audio? Lock me up and throw away the key!
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