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So, here I am, Lord of Indicision. I had considered the Mits HD1000 until I saw other DLPs and got such a headache from the RBE that I bought stock in Tylenol. The 2 sub-3000 dollar LCD pjs that seem to be worth considering are the Panasonic AX-100 and the Epson 400.

The Panny had great reviews and happy users at first...and now is slowly becoming a potential nightmare for several owners. Some say it's only a few people who got bad luck, but the list of owners with red and green bleeding issues seems to be growing by the minute. For potential buyers like me, considering buying the Panny feels like Russian roulette, and for current owners without the problems yet, it probably feels like a time bomb waiting to go off.

So that brings me to the Epson400, also LCD, which has similar contrast (5000 vs 7000), and lower brightness (1500 lumens vs. 2000) which might be the reason the Panny is having problems.

Both are available at Costco (the Epson for 500 bucks less than the Panny)

I was curious if anyone out there has the Epson and can post som feedback on it.

OR if anyone has even seen the Epson and can post thoughts

OR, dare I hope, anyone has seen BOTH the Epson AND the Panny and can compare the two.

Thanks much


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Also: Epson 400 - http://www.projectorreviews.com/Manu..._400/index.asp and AX100 - http://www.projectorreviews.com/Manu...100U/index.asp .

Based on those 2 reviews, my choice would be the Epson (available from Costco - online - too) for around $500 less with a longer warranty (2 years vs. 1 year).

The Epson 400 thread, that Joe_Black provided a link to, has some very good user comments.

My personal choice would be the Z5, but I have a high gain screen (106" Da-Lite High-Power, gain = 2.8) and I don't need, or want, the extra brightness.

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aside from the issues some people have had, I think there's a good difference between the panasonic, the Sanyo and the epson.

To me, the Epson was the best 'middle fit'

Sanyo Z5:

Pros: great picture, very sharp

cons: poor support under warranty, screen door, not a bright projector.

Panasonic AX100

Pros: Very Bright, smoothscreen means no screen door.

cons: user reported issues, smoothscreen blurs image

Then comes the Epsons:

Epson Cinema 400:

Pros: Nearly as bright as the Panasonic, excellent warranty, sharp picture.

Cons: less contrast vs both the z5 and Panasonic, screen door.

Another to consider is the Epson Pro Cinema 810:

Pros: Nearly as bright as the panasonic, excellent warranty, sharp picture, contrast ratio on par with the Z5

Cons: Price*

* if you are willing to take a gamble, the Pro Cinema 810 is sold in other countries around the world as the EMP-TW700 - and sells for half the price. (It's also white instead of black)

The trade off is you loose the US 2 year overnight replacement warranty. (because you are importing this, you'd get the warranty of the country that you buy it from)
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