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any experience with spatz digiscaler? alternatives?

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Hi all.

I've been wondering whether anybody has had any experience with the Spatz Digiscaler?

As I've got an old NEC PG6 installed and wish to avoid the duplication of setup efforts for different output resolutions of my DVD Player, my PC, and a possible future Blueray Player, I'm looking for a not-too-expensive scaler that may transform all input into 1080i. (as to now, this task is being performed by my PC, which is becoming unreliable).

This being said, the Digiscaler looks just like the device I was looking for... but I'm a bit unhappy that I cannot find a single review of the device, whether it's really suitable for home theater use, etc...

Any comments/recommendations? Alternatives?

(Expensive scalers probably don't make too much sense in a small scale home theater centered around an old 450Euro-PG6, which I first have to rid of a few bugs anyway, as it seems
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CRT's benifit from a VP more than you think and adding a VP that may costs as much or even three times as much as your 6pg will be the best way for you to go. Look for a used Lumagen HDp or HDQ as these are excelent for CRT's, But setting up differnet input memory blocks on you Pg is the best way to go. I'd post this on the CRT forum as well or at Curtpalme.com. people there will help out more.

Uwe (he owns Spatz) is a really smart guy. He makes excellent products. Now I don't personally have any experience with this piece, but I know most of what he does stays over in Europe so seeing as this is "primarily" a North America forum, you may not find a lot of feedback.
Hi all... After a while, I convinced myself that even if the device didn't suffice for home theater use, a format converter and multiplexer might be a nice thing to have, bought the device and have to say that I became quite happy with it

Unfortunately, I've been unable to test downscaling with native 1080i/p input yet, so I cannot say anything about it. But've used it to upscale the input from my DVD player and my DM800 (576p) to UXGA and 1080i . This works pretty well, without any noticeable distortions/effects that I'd see and that'd bother me (If you'd like me to test for specific stuff, tell me what to look out for, and I'll try to check it out

Sometimes, the device's got problems to catch the UXGA output from my Zonbu (Ubuntu Hardy) correctly... resulting in an improperly scaled image... I've mailed Spatz about it... maybe they can provide me with a reliably working mode line.

Basically, there are only two things I'd like to see changed about the device from the usability point of view:

- There doesn't seem to be a default ouput resolution set at startup(?) and thus upon the first start, my screens remained blank and the device kept on rebooting, giving me a slight rush of adrenaline, until I fiddled with the remote and set an output format.

- There seems to be no way of choosing the ouput resolution without the remote... so the use of the device really depends on a functioning remote.

(Mailed these as feedback to Spatz, too. So maybe they'll fix that in future revisions, heh

My setup:

DKDigital DVD-338 Marantz SR4001 (*1) [YPbPr from the DVD-338 proved too crappy (multiple shadows in the image), Marantz signal working perfectly fine]

Dreambox DM800 (*1) [Note: While it's officially not supported, the upscaled 1080i resolution was caught over DVI, but downscaling to UXGA looked odd on MultiSync (heavily distorted in the horizontal outside the center) Spatz Digiscale ->Ouput (*2)

(*2) NEC MultiSync LCD2080UX

(*2) NEC 6PG

Conclusion: I'm using the device on an almost daily basis with all input/output devices given above, and it works reliably... there are certainly better (and more expensive, heh
) devices out there, but this one's a handy, well-priced, very portable device. If I find the working modeline mentioned above and if there are no surprises when I'll try native 1080i/p input over the component interface, I'll be perfectly happy with the device.


P.S.: Got a prompt response from Uwe on my feedback (while writing this posting
). Let's see whether we'll get the issues resolved.
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The DIGISCALE is primarly an unit for pro AV usage or if you want to drive two displays from one source and need scaling. It is an amazing unit for the price but the deinterlacing of component sources sucks. The chip we are using is very good in every respect but deinterlacing of SD sources. however it can nicely upconvert progressive component sources to higher resolutions.

It also features extensive picture adustments including aspect ratio control and an underscan adjustment.

IF you want to bring a VGA source to a modern HDMI display units like VGAHDMI, DIGISCALE or MIDISCALE are a perfect choice.
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