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My Harmon Kardon CD player bit the dust about 2 weeks ago when I bumped the Entertainment unit door into the tray. I tried to fix it but made it worse. So, I began looking for a new CD player and decided I wanted to add MP3 playback. As I was looking I started investigating DVD players more and more since they weren't much more expensive and offered all the features I wanted plus more. Here are my requirements:

- 5 disc changer

- Built in display so I can avoid turning on the TV for playing CDs

- MP3 playback

- Digital Output (would prefer coax since I own a cable, but optical will be OK too)

- Component Video Outputs

-Video CD playback is a bonus

It doesn't need to do progressive scan since I don't have an HDTV. I have been using a PS2 to play DVDs so far.

So, the questions: "Would this make a good CD player/ MP3 player or should I look at something else in this price range for some reason? Will the sound quality be good? I intend to use the digital out and the D/As on my 3801. Has anyone had any experience with it? Will I notice an improved picture over my PS2 using my 27" Sony Vega TV with Component inputs? And finally, can someone confirm that it can be operated efficiently w/o the TV?"

It's fairly new and I've only found one review so far. That review on Amazon stated that it was better than the others for MP3s because it could play MP3s in random order. That is a desireable feature for me.

Crutchfield has some good pics of it and decent amount of info


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